cameron-ahlvers-257759Quietly standing with eyes closed tight, we can feel his presence containing us.

Wrapped up in beautiful love, in awe of his magnificence we are drawn into a knowing of pure grace and abounding love.

A place that wherever we may go, he guides us with his hand; a soul tie woven into our very being.

To be a part of a connection, that also disconnects and to be a part of a family that never rejects.

How precious it is to find that the Lord God can hold you in his palm, breathing you into life everlasting?

To be a child born of love that is redeemed into his heart.

Oh, how special you are, that you have been handpicked from a world of brokenness and made whole.

You are a beautiful flower, taken and planted in soil so rich and fruitful.

Never again will you walk alone — never again will you be lost.

A beautiful flower, picked especially to be a part of Christ’s family that rejoices in salvation.

You are the rose in a world of thorns — never forget how precious you are.

You have been handpicked by God.

©ML Malta 2017


**Originally written in 2003

Published by Inspiredaholic

A mother, wife -- survivor.

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