Redefine YOU


There comes a time when we need to do everything possible to move forward in life, rather than letting the past decide it’s fate. We ultimately have the power to change our future – our destiny today, not next week, but now. No one else can impact on our lives greater than ourselves. It isn’t easier to be a victim or play the blame game, because not only do we enable our adversaries with this invisible power (usually long after they have moved on), but we self sabotage. We punish and destroy ourselves because we’ve owned a perception, a lie, or state that doesn’t match our true identity. We settle for the junk and let other things set our value, and that my friend is wasting away your life. You can choose to live again, you can be victorious and live purposefully just as you always knew deep inside you could. So, do what ever it takes to rewire, reset and redefine YOU!

– ⒸML Malta 2018

Published by Inspiredaholic

A mother, wife -- survivor.

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