Step by Step

Live in the spirit, walk by faith and the truth, not by what people think or say, or by how we feel. We need to choose every second of each day to live right and understand our worth. We have to physically make decisions to move past things in our lives that are toxic to our futures. Be mindful of distractions from good.

We have the ability to ‘un-react’ to the past that imposes on our future. We have the strength to shed our mistakes and imperfections. To press forward and to make every moment a decision, not just a bad habit.

Do not let feelings and emotions encourage you to make compromising behaviors that affect your ability to move ahead; the consequences degrade your value and encourages a cycle of pain, untrust and lack of self worth. Be better, do better.

ⒸML Malta 2018

Published by Inspiredaholic

A mother, wife -- survivor.

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