We lose, we win.

We often feel incredibly grieved during loss. Caught up in the notion that life will never be good again. It isn’t until we look back after time has healed our soul, that we, are able to see the life awaiting us. Transporting us into the dream. I was once so caught up in such a storm, I forgot to let it pass. I didn’t realise I stayed in it without purpose. I let it sweep me out to sea. Life isn’t easy, but if you never give up, the sun will always shine again, except this time… brighter. ML Malta 20190414_184322_0000.jpg“SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO LOSE EVERYTHING WE THOUGHT WE WANTED, TO RECEIVE THE LIFE WE HONESTLY HOPED FOR.” ML MALTA

Published by Inspiredaholic

A mother, wife -- survivor.

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