Isn’t it sad that we feel like we have to hide our brokenness. When the world looks right at you that the anxiety is so bad that you feel frozen, but yet somehow manage an awkward conversation. Then, following that awkward conversation, you over analyse every interaction and feel like a complete failure.

Who really knows or cares that within this soul my mind and body aren’t in control. I feel empty and alone. I feel misunderstood. What’s the point of talking when no one really listens anyway. I have to pick myself up every day after every awkward interaction and when I walk past a mirror and hate myself, I force myself to see the good. It isn’t easy.

Trauma stems from many thing’s and affects everyone differently. Most people don’t understand, know or want to know… or even care, if something happened to you. People are so busy living their lives and fighting their own demons to see past their nose. You could be that person to them, self involved and blind to someone else’s brokenness. We’re all human. Just know, that sometimes under that awkward weird person there is a human being just trying to make it through.

-ML Malta

Published by Inspiredaholic

A mother, wife -- survivor.

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