There seems to be an emptiness that surrounds me, containing me in its dark hold. I walk aimlessly, stumbling; I find it hard to concentrate on tomorrow. I feel as though I have nose-dived into the vastness of the deep, a black hole of despair.

How can I find my way out when I am too afraid to swim against the tide of society and when or where is the light I desperately seek to guide my way?

Sinking into quicksand, drowning in darkness, every one of my senses tainted by the world, and my heart cries, my eyes downcast with tears, no ear hears me screaming.

As in death, the world continues and barely casts a thought of the life that momentarily past, seeing themselves only, never looking into the deep for the souls that are lost and alone. 

Published by Inspiredaholic

A mother, wife -- survivor.

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