You are the Gift

Sometimes, doing thing’s you don’t like to do assists other people. That’s called a sacrifice. Every day we sacrifice ourselves and our time, willingly or unwilling. If life was easy, it wouldn’t be a gift, because the things we cherish the most, are usually thing’s we have worked hardest for. Don’t forget, you define theContinue reading “You are the Gift”

I Want to Go to Heaven

I hope with all I am, that I will enter heaven. That the doors will open and angel’s will walk beside me as Jesus greets me and welcomes me home. I hope that this life is not wasted, that the years and the moments in between mean something. I pray that God saves me fromContinue reading “I Want to Go to Heaven”

Born Stronger!

In this life we are to forgive. Forgive each other for not being what we needed each other to be. This includes ourselves. We need to know that we’ve always had the inner strength to get through anything life will throw at us without having to use other people as an excuse not to. WeContinue reading “Born Stronger!”

Today, I choose me!

Today, I choose me! We need to grow as individuals. Remaining stagnant is toxic to your life. Create a vision for your life that compels you to initiate long term change and cycle a growth mentality that gives you the life you truly desire. Make a plan, create a new ritual, then rinse and repeatContinue reading “Today, I choose me!”